Friday, March 25, 2016

This weekend we did a Cotopaxi challenge event in Dallas . It's called questival and its this giant scavenger hunt around the metroplex. Go team science

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekend Getaway

Spur of the moment last weekend i jumped in the car and headed off to Vegas.
It was one of the best impulse decisions i have made in quite some time!
My dad and brother were going to be there to watch BYU in the Mountain West ConferenceTournament along with my other members of the JonesBones Crew. Melissa and Wes, were kind enough to drive me all the way to Vegas..... we had a blast. We watched Jimmer drop 52 points, it was history in the making. UNREAL!
We also had the not so lovely experience of walking up and down the strip.There was all sorts of unique ways people were making a living on the street, everything from tacky Michael Jackson impersonators to teenage girls holding boa constrictors, hoping people would pay to hold them. I got to thinking about it and decided that if I ever have to live on the streets I am going to need a gimmick..... still working on what to choose. Maybe i could read peoples fortunes that walk by.... actually I don't think that they would want to hear my opinion on where their lives are headed.